About Us

Hi, We are Angels & Insects

We are an Edinburgh based Millinery design company, a creative partnership between two sisters, both graduates of the Royal College of Art.

We specialise in bespoke occasion hats and headpieces, all designed and created in our Edinburgh studio, using traditional millinery and couture embroidery techniques.

Each of our hats is a labour of love, hand made, an heirloom piece to be treasured always.

Fashion is ephemeral and ever changing whilst style is a constant.

Angels & Insects was born of a long held shared dream to work collaboratively on our own creative label, stemming from our shared love of old school glamour and the theatricality of fashion, a strong aesthetic sense and an overwhelming desire to create beautiful and timeless pieces.

  • At Angels & Insects we believe in quality workmanship and uniqueness. We champion traditional and labour intensive techniques, such as hand blocking and silk flower making.
  • Why would anyone want to look ordinary and the same as any number of guests at an event when they could look extraordinary in a one-off piece, designed exclusively for them?
  • Our pieces are designed to be treasured. Each one comes in its own hat box, a precious memento of a special day.

After all, we truly believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
Sarah MacGregor-Norrie & Lindsay MacGregor